Germany's Best Selling Shampoo For Men

No one understands the power of caffeine like we do. With patented technology and years of research, Dr. Wolff has perfected a Galenic formulation that unlocks caffeine’s potency. Alpecin Caffeine Shampoo. It’s German engineering for your hair.

As the body ages, hair can begin to look weak and thin. Some men notice a more visible scalp and receding hairline as time passes. Alpecin recharges the hair to maintain a full and strong appearance.

Scientifically Tested Formula

Here's What customers have to say

"Alpecin products are literally something I wish I would have discovered a decade ago and will never go without buying again. ”

Brad B. from Tennessee

“I just started using the Alpecin C1 Shampoo...and I really like it. I've always had very fine hair, and this shampoo does make hair feel and look thicker.”

Tom A. from Pennsylvania

“After using it daily for a couple of weeks, I can already notice how much better my hair feels. Also, the shampoo smells really good!”

Cole K. from California

2-Step Caffeine System Starter Kit


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